High purity sorting technology of black plastic bottle for perfume packaging

- Dec 19, 2019-

The high-purity sorting technology of black plastic bottles will produce a large number of mixtures of various plastic bottles when recycling household garbage, waste electrical appliances, automobiles and other waste materials. In order to get a clean, pure and reusable single type of plastic, it is often necessary to sort the work. In the sorting process, because the high-grade black plastic cannot be separated by the conventional separation method, the purity of the final product is low compared with the current market and the final product without proper sorting device to be tested.

Black is a fashionable and modern color used by many high-tech devices, such as plastic surface mobile phones and laptops. In addition, because of the cost, many plastic parts only use black materials. The so-called "non-ferrous surface" is actually metallization by spraying or obtaining. For example, car bumpers, without exception, are only produced in black or dark grey. And applied to the color matching body, it is necessary to have the required color spray. Many applications don't like the aesthetic function of plastic, copiers, computers and other external parts, such as various functional parts of cars, such as ventilation equipment, are usually black, resulting in play. This makes it easier to produce and store, but makes recycling more difficult.

Therefore, a large number of high-grade plastics such as ABS, PS, etc. in electrical or electronic equipment, which is all black with a recovery rate of about 50-70%. In second-hand car recycling, the proportion of black plastic debris particles is very high. As a global leader in electrostatic separation technology, Hamos recently developed black plastics that can form a single raw material for pure different applications to clean up.

Common methods of sorting different colored plastics. In most cases (e.g. post consumer packaging waste, obtained from the waste collection point of DSD packaging double recovery system in Germany), the mixture of various waste plastic bottles from home is automatically sorted by a single plant. NIR technology and camera technology can be used to evaluate the plastic by NIR spectrum. Each type has a unique plastic spectrum that can be used to identify different materials. However, because the black plastic does not reflect and has no obvious spectrum, it cannot be sorted in this way.