Herm è s revealed the launch of cosmetics in 2020

- Jan 10, 2020-

Herm è s is about to step into the beauty industry in 2020 and launch cosmetics products.

Herm s began to set foot in the fashion business in the early twentieth Century. After that, leather products, suits, shoes, perfume and other types of products were launched, and perfume sales continued to rise after the perfume series was launched in 1930. In April 2018, when Herm s CEO Axel Dumas interviewed, she said: "in the long run, it is necessary for us to participate in all categories of life related items: cosmetics, perfume and personal care products, which will bring us more opportunities. "But no confirmation has been received since,

At an internal event last week, Guillaume de seyne, executive vice president of brand production, confirmed to fashion network that the brand will launch makeup products in 2020, and personal care products will follow.