Guangzhou perfume bottle market

- Dec 04, 2019-

Guangzhou has brought together a large number of perfume bottle manufacturers, whether they are glass perfume bottles or plastic perfume bottles. You can say that all kinds of perfume bottles can be easily found in Guangzhou. So what is the reason why Guangzhou perfume bottles manufacturers are so concentrated?

First of all, the cosmetics industry in Guangzhou is developed. It is an important OEM processing base for cosmetics in China. Naturally, a large number of perfume manufacturers are gathered here. Their demand for perfume bottle packaging makes perfume bottles as a supporting manufacturer also concentrated in Guangzhou. Secondly, besides the domestic market, the most important thing is the export of perfume bottles. Finally, the Guangzhou perfume bottle also relies on the local developed blow molding processing and other manufacturing industries, and is more conducive to the formation of industry.

In general, Guangzhou perfume bottle manufacturers in the quality and style of products, in all aspects of the domestic are in the front end, it is worth learning from domestic perfume bottle manufacturers.