Guangzhou cosmetics packaging

- Dec 20, 2019-

Last year, 1054 batches of exported cosmetics were accepted for inspection, with a value of US $25.2192 million, up 22.84% and 1.95% respectively year on year.

According to the research, the cosmetics exported by our city are mainly skin care, beauty, sanitation and cleaning (soap based) and perfume based, among which the batches of skin care cosmetics and bath, shampoo and hair care cosmetics increased by 20.27% and 160.38% respectively

According to the person in charge of the health and Food Department of Guangzhou inspection and Quarantine Bureau, there are more than 10 cosmetics export enterprises in Guangzhou, mainly focusing on OEM, OEM or assembly products, targeting the middle and low-end consumers. Due to the lower price and better quality of products of the same grade compared with foreign countries, it has been welcomed by overseas markets in recent years, mainly sold to the United States, the European Union, Japan, Australia, Mexico and other countries and regions.

"In terms of the notification information on the disqualification of China's cosmetics brands last year, the EU, the United States and other major exporting countries of China's cosmetics have strengthened the supervision of cosmetics for skin use, bathing, washing and hair care, and put forward the restrictions on such raw materials as skin softeners, sunscreens, harmful impurities in cosmetics, hair dyes, preservatives, plasticizers and other harmful impurities; at the same time, the U.S.A China, India and Vietnam have also proposed a total ban on the import of cosmetics that have undergone animal experiments. "

The person in charge said that since skin care and Bath & Shampoo & hair care cosmetics had a significant increase in Guangzhou last year, manufacturers of exported cosmetics should be more vigilant, pay close attention to the changes of foreign cosmetics regulations, grasp the regulatory information in time, and avoid the situation of disqualification reported by foreign countries due to the changes of regulations.