Famous beverage enterprises gradually give up plastic packaging

- Dec 04, 2019-

PepsiCo responded that they are trying to reduce PET plastic use problems, recycle and reinvent their packaging to make it more sustainable, and we will not stop until we live in a world of plastic renewal and reuse. Because of the environmental pollution caused by plastics, some beverage companies have started to adjust their packaging.

Now, Pepsi has announced plans to replace its plastic bottles with aluminum cans throughout the United States to fill Aquafina's drinking water products, which will then be rolled out globally as part of the company's initiative to reduce its plastic use, as consumer opposition to pet plastic use is growing nationwide. Next, I believe that more and more companies will join in this plan. At the same time, due to the change of packaging, the price of water drinks will rise inevitably, but for users, this is the behavior that should be supported.