Energy-saving and environmental protection simulation candles create a romantic atmosphere

- Oct 02, 2019-

Simulated candles are energy-saving and environmentally friendly products. They are mainly used to create a romantic atmosphere for various festivals. Compared with traditional candles, they are smokeless, non-toxic, electrically luminous, touchable wick flame, and no open flame. They are very safe. You can also change the color of the candle according to your needs. Actually, it is a kind of LED high simulation candle lamp.


Creating different atmosphere requires different lighting, and ordinary families usually only have lighting. How can we meet the needs of birthday party, romantic dinner, quiet reading and peaceful sleep? Simulated candles can not meet your needs for all lighting atmosphere, but the intelligent transformation of ever-changing "light" scenery can also make your life more beautiful.

Simulated candlelight is not just needed, but such a smart gadget on the table is also good. And the lighting effect is very good, manual adjustment of the lighting effect, very suitable for two people alone to create a romantic atmosphere, sleep at night is also a good choice. But if there are more people gathering, we need to prepare several more such intelligent lights to achieve better results.