Electroplating on plastics

- Nov 22, 2019-

In the perfume packaging or cosmetic packaging indutry, plastic is widely used as packaging materials. Such as perfume caps, perfume shoulder parts, perfume decoration parts or some cosmetic overcaps. The surface treatment is usually plating, compared with metal parts, electroplated plastic products can not only achieve good metal feeling, but also lighten the weight of products, effectively improve the appearance and decoration of plastics,they also improved the performance of electrical, thermal and corrosion resistance as well as improving the appearance and decoration performance.

There are two common electroplating processes for plastic products: galvanic plating (Galvanic deposition) and vacuum ion plating (Vacuum plating).

Galvanic plating:

It is generally suitable for ABS material and ABS+PC material. The main process is to electroplating in chemical electroplating liquid that needs to be electroplated. Different colors can be plated according to the different needs of the customers, gold, silver, chrome, nickle, bronze and few other metal colors.

Vacuum ion plating, also called vacuum coating:

Vacuum plating is has a wide range of applications, such as ABS, ABS+PC and PC material. But because of its complex process, high requirement of environment and equipment, the unit price of vacuum plating is higher than galvanic plating.
The brief process of vacuum plating is "surface cleaning&removal of static electricity" - "base coating" - "bake base coating" - "vacuum deposition" - "spray painting" - "baking finish"  -"package".Vacuum plating can be divided into general vacuum plating, UV vacuum plating, and special vacuum plating. The process has steam plating, splashing, gun color plating and so on.

The difference between galvanic plating and vacuum plating:

Galvanice plating is widely used because the simple process and there is no such strict requirements for equipment and environment comparing with vacuum plating. However, there is a weakness of galvanice plating, which can only plating ABS and ABS/PC material. The The temperature of ABS is only 80 degree, which limits its application. While vacuum plating can reach about 200 degrees C, which can be plated for the components used in the high temperature. For vacuum plating, a layer of UV oil should be sprayed at last, so that the surface of the product is gloosy, high temperature resistance and adhesion force.

The advantages and disadvantages of the galvanic plating and vacuum plating:
1. If there is no UV oil sprayed, the adhesion force is very poor, the product can not pass Adhesion Cross-Cut Test. Galvanic plating is much better on this point.Therefore, in order to ensure the adhesion force of the vacuum plating, the special UV oil spraying process must done, but this will increse the cost of course.

2. There are only few colors can be done by galvanic plating, such as gold, silver, bronze. While vacuum plating can make a rich variety of colors.

Plated plastic provide diversified designs and beautiful appearance for perfume packaging parts. Leaders manufacture different kinds of plastic cap and perfume bottle components with different surface process according to your design and product requirements, welcome to contact us for more.

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