Electroplating of zamac wine bottle caps

- Nov 27, 2019-

Zinc alloy wine bottle cap is a kind of die casting with zamak as the main component. The surface of this kind of die casting has a very dense surface layer, in which there is an open porous structure and an active amphoteric metal. 

Therefore, only by adopting proper pretreatment and electroplating process, can we ensure that the electroplated coating of zinc alloy wine bottle cover has good adhesion, can it match the exquisite appearance of art works and meet the requirements of qualified products.

The commonly used zinc alloy material for electroplating is za4-1, its main components are: Aluminum 3.5%-4.5%, copper 0.75%-1.25%, magnesium 0.03%-0.08%, residual zinc, total impurities ≤ 0.2%. The 925 zinc alloy has high copper content and is easy to be electroplated. Generally, the density of zinc alloy is 6.4-6.5g/cm. If the density is less than 6.4g/cm, blistering and pockmarks are easy to occur after electroplating. In a word, the selection of materials must be strictly controlled. In addition, the mold must be designed reasonably to avoid the defects (such as pitting) that are difficult to overcome for electroplating.