Drinks in perfume bottles

- Feb 21, 2020-

"Can you drink perfume" have you tried?

It's not the real perfume, it's the temptation from the bottle. A bottle of beverage in a perfume bottle is far from a bottle of perfume, which is full of perfume, and is full of wine. It is quite creative.

Cotton Dreams, located on the 2 floor of *SCAPE, founded 1st anniversary for celebration, and the first local limited edition perfume bottle beverage series.

Milk tea and perfume are all girls love. They are now combined to produce different sparks. Milk tea series, coconut milk tea and strawberry milk tea are mixed with soft milk, smooth and light at the entrance, with fruit aroma, sweet to drink.

Each perfume bottle is designed to be easy to drink, carry or collect. The beautiful bottle body, like the European lady's perfume in the last century, is a girl's fondle.