Do you want to choose perfume bottles?

- Jun 09, 2020-

If perfume is a "spirit" in a container, perfume bottle is undoubtedly her beautiful "Emerald house". If a good perfume doesn't have a unique perfume bottle design, even if it is perfect, it won't win the favor of most people, Ms. Chanel said.

purple perfume bottles

Many people still have many misconceptions about top perfume bottles, for example, "perfume bottle is only the last step of perfume design." In fact, contrary to the fact that most perfume brands have to design new fragrance ideas, the first thing they want to do is to find masters to design perfume bottles with a sense of smell, usually when perfume bottles come out and turn to the perfumer.

blue perfume bottles

Until the end of the nineteenth Century, perfume was put in ordinary containers, and perfumers put perfume in their bottles at home, or let customers choose a container while choosing perfume. This requires the store to have a large number of beautiful bottles for sale to meet the different needs of individuals. But when modern production begins, it must be considered that perfume is bottled in the factory. The purpose of the bottle design has accordingly become to attract those who have potential purchase desire. The appearance of bottles is a very important factor in determining the volume of perfume sales.

good perfume bottle design

Modern perfume bottles are developing in many kinds of materials, mainly plastic and glass, and leather, stone and other materials. Among them, female perfume bottles are mainly glass materials, plastic materials are complementary, men's perfume is mainly glass material, plastic and leather materials are auxiliary materials.