Distinctive perfume packaging design

- Dec 05, 2019-

I believe that many people have seen "smell and know women". By sniffing each other's perfume, they can recognize their height, hair color and even the color of their eyes, which shows that perfume is like a soul.

Some people say that perfume is the second layer skin of a woman, and it can embody a woman's taste better than fashion. Some people say that perfume is the last thing on a woman's body. Marilyn and Monroe say she sleeps in perfume. It is enough to see how indispensable perfume is in the world of women.

Perfume has become an essential label for sexy goddess.

Why are people attracted by a bottle of perfume?

Is it the taste? It's possible... But more because of its packaging!

For a packaging fan, perfume is no exception, as long as the favorite packaging will buy, buy, buy!