Dior fragrance family for perfume packaging

- Jan 10, 2020-

Spray "Dior fragrance family", just like wearing Dior senior ordered uniform, let the fragrance wrap your body, set gorgeous and fresh in one. The fragrance is divided into five parts: "fruity floral", "fresh floral", "fragrant floral", "sexy floral" and "Oriental floral". There is no change here, only infinite originality of fragrance.


After Singapore, Shanghai, Japan and South Korea, this year's Dior fragrance family, which makes people yearn for, also made its debut in Taiwan. From today until February 29, 2020, the Dior fragrance shop is officially stationed in the A11 Hall of Xinyi San Yue Xinyi world, Taipei, offering a series of fragrance products of Dior fragrance family. 22 series of fragrances, fragrance candles, fragrances, moisturizing cream, fragrance cleansing and Mitzah scarves are launched. Fragrance tour.