Different bottle packagings for perfume packaging solutions

- Dec 17, 2019-

Cream bottle packaging advantages of various forms, cosmetics packaging an important category. Almost all cosmetic bottle combinations include cream bottles. Packaging materials and cream forms are mainly: glass bottles, plastic bottles and hoses. Today, the characteristics of all kinds of packaging are described.

Hose, this is in recent years, mainly in the form of cream bottles, in the country has more professional cosmetics hose professional enterprises. It is very convenient to squeeze the frost hose, which is the biggest advantage of the hose cream bottle. It should be said that the user experience is the best, and it has a strong advantage in the packaging cost.

Glass cream bottle, relatively speaking, is the most high-end packaging form. In order to reflect the quality of products, we can consider using multiple manufacturers of glass bottles. But glass paste bottle, easy to carry, and cream glass bottle in the process of extrusion is very bad, which is a very bad user experience.

Plastic cream bottle is between the above two packaging forms, the cost is more than glass bottle, and the extra cover of plastic cream bottle is more convenient, which solves the urgent problem of cream to a certain extent.