Die casting technology of zinc alloy for perfume packaging

- Jan 09, 2020-

Metal casting is a kind of product which can inject molten liquid metal into a hollow casting mold made of high temperature resistant material and obtain the required shape after condensation.

Classification of casting

1、 Gravity casting

It refers to the process of injecting molten metal into the mold under the gravity of the earth, also known as casting. The liquid metal is usually poured into the gate by hand, and the product is obtained by filling the cavity with the self weight of the liquid metal, venting, cooling and opening the mold.

Gravity casting has the advantages of simple process, low cost of mold, less internal pores, less heat treatment and so on, but it also has the disadvantages of poor compactness, slightly poor strength, not suitable for thin-walled parts, low surface finish, low production efficiency, high cost and so on.

2、 Pressure casting

Under the action of high pressure, liquid or semi liquid metal fills the cavity of the die casting die (die casting die) at a higher speed, and forms and solidifies under pressure to obtain the zinc alloy die casting.

High pressure casting can quickly fill the mold, with high production efficiency, good compactness, high hardness, good surface finish, and can produce parts with thin wall thickness. At the same time, due to the use of high-pressure air to fill the mold, more gas is involved in the product interior, and it is easy to form pores in the product interior, so heat treatment cannot be carried out (when heat treatment, the internal gas will expand, resulting in the product bulge). Defects, such as cracks and other defects) and later processing (avoid penetrating the surface dense layer, exposing the subcutaneous hole, resulting in scrap of zinc alloy die casting).

3. CNC machine tool

CNC, commonly known as "CNC machine tool", is an automatic machine tool controlled by program. The control system can use control code or other symbolic instructions to logically process programs. Through computer decoding, the machine tool can perform the specified actions. After a long time of precision processing, a piece of original metal plate can be processed into the desired shape. Zinc alloy die casting plant is usually used for roughening die casting, or processing high-precision zinc alloy. Die castings.