Die casting of zamac caps for perfume packaging

- Jan 07, 2020-

With the rapid development of market economy and the gradual disappearance of demographic dividend in recent years, zinc alloy die casting products have entered the era of low profit. How to improve the production efficiency and product quality is related to the competitive strength of die casting factory. Through energy-saving transformation, it can effectively solve the problems of high energy consumption, high temperature, high noise, high pollution and so on.

Zinc alloy die casting industry is one of the industries with high labor intensity, high temperature, high noise and high pollution. In recent years, with the gradual disappearance of China's population dividend and the promotion of the "energy saving and emission reduction" policy, die-casting plants are facing double pressures of high labor cost and environmental protection. The profit of zinc alloy die-casting products has entered the era of low profit. How to improve the quality of die-casting products more effectively, reduce the production cost, and concern the market survival of die-casting plants.

Although die casting machine started late in China, it developed rapidly. The tonnage content of die-casting machine has developed from 500t to 4000t, and the zinc alloy die-casting parts have developed from a few grams in the past to more than 50kg. The hydraulic drive control technology has changed the state that the original real-time control die-casting machine completely depends on the import of the whole machine. However, there are many disadvantages in the design and manufacture of die-casting power structure. At present, the die-casting power structure with high market share is composed of three-phase asynchronous motor and vane pump. The loss of power and stray power is too large, and the waste of reactive power is also very large.

In addition, for the die-casting factory, the stability of the quality of zinc alloy die-casting directly determines its market position, and the development of high-end die-casting products is also the general trend, which will inevitably put forward higher requirements for the stability of the quality of zinc alloy die-casting, and the energy-saving transformation of die-casting machine is once again put on the "agenda" of the enterprise. The energy saving of Chinese die-casting machine has basically gone through several stages, such as PLC control according to process section, system high and low pressure double pump control, system pressure and flow proportion control, frequency conversion energy-saving control, servo drive control, etc. Moreover, with the maturity of servo technology and the reduction of cost in recent years, it is the first choice to equip with high-performance servo system for die-casting machine transformation.

The servo system adopts closed-loop speed control, which has high repetition precision of injection operation position, high precision and good consistency of the produced zinc alloy die-casting products. It overcomes the shortcomings of the common asynchronous motor quantitative pump system that the speed changes due to the changes of grid voltage and frequency, and then the flow changes, so as to reduce the product yield. At the same time, combined with excellent intelligent control system, it can effectively improve the production efficiency of enterprises and improve the working environment. After system optimization and modification, the power saving effect of the die casting machine with hydraulic drive quantitative pump or variable displacement pump can reach 25% - 60%.

In this era of low profit of zinc alloy die casting products, technological innovation is the power and guarantee for the continuous development of die casting plant. Although China's die-casting equipment, especially the large-scale die-casting equipment, still lags far behind the developed countries in terms of design method, die-casting process, working efficiency, energy consumption, reliability, etc., the continuous application and promotion of servo technology provides a more flexible space for the die-casting plant.