Development of plastic bottle processing industry

- Dec 17, 2019-

With the continuous acceleration of the economic transformation process, the plastic bottle processing industry has entered a new normal high-speed growth, to ensure the stable development of the industry, and to promote the industry to a high-end important issue, "13th five year plan" period. During the 12th Five Year Plan period, the plastic bottle processing industry has achieved rapid development, transformation of development mode, optimization of industrial structure, improvement of development quality, and improvement of the overall level of the industry. However, in the trend of economic development, the average annual growth rate of plastic bottle processing industry during the 12th Five Year Plan period is 8.41%, with a decrease of more than 11 percentage points compared with the 11th Five Year Plan period (20.1%). Especially in 2015, the output of plastic bottle processing industry only increased by 0.9%, the lowest growth rate in many years, which reduced the industry efficiency, lacked unreasonable structure, and innovation is becoming increasingly prominent.

China plastic bottle processing industry association pointed out that under the new normal high-speed growth, the plastic bottle processing industry is developing towards the "high-end" as the core, cultivating new growth points of the industry; improving production efficiency as the core, vigorously cultivating new competitive advantages of the industry; accelerating the transfer of technology, equipment, capital and talent based composite competitive advantages based on the main comparative advantages of cheap labor Change. We should focus on the technical direction of "function, light weight, ecology and micro molding", the three development bottlenecks of raw materials, advanced molding technology and process, and equipment, focus on high-end strategy, strengthen collaborative innovation of basic research and focus on breaking through structural public relations, and make breakthroughs in the development of key common problems and core technologies in the industry.

During the 13th Five Year Plan period, innovation and product development of plastic bottle processing industry were carried out in four aspects: first, focusing on the development of multi-functional, high-performance materials and additives, and pursuing new breakthroughs in functional materials and green environmental protection technology; second, closely focusing on high-end products, speeding up the increase in the proportion of high-end products; third, accelerating the development of printing machines and plastic equipment to improve Intelligent, digital transformation, vigorously develop small, ultra-high precision, intelligent, digital manufacturing, ultra-high speed intelligent control and processing equipment, advanced equipment and production lines, networked manufacturing; fourth, accelerate the development of green, energy-saving and efficient new molding process, improve the processing technology based on UHMWPE, and accelerate the supercritical carbon dioxide foaming Technology Promotion and application of technology and electromagnetic induction energy saving technology.