Design thinking of modern perfume bottle design

- Mar 02, 2020-

In the field of perfume bottle design and production, glass and its processing technology, decoration process and bottle cap design have become the design elements of the designer. The perfect shape of the bottle is filled with high quality perfume, so that people's senses, smell, vision and touch are in good combination to satisfy the pleasure and aesthetic taste of consumers. This is the fundamental reason why perfume has been developing for thousands of years and has been developing with the times.

Modern perfume bottle design has fully applied glass forming technology achievements, combining glass decoration technology with modern art design. The color of perfume find everything fresh and new. It is not just a perfume match, but also includes the color packaging, perfume bottles, perfume seats and all kinds of decorations. Everything is perfectly blended with the fragrance according to the requirements of the color materials, so as to create a brand new car perfume art, a blockbuster and other fields, which gives people a refreshing feeling. It also opens a night of spring breeze to open up fashionable and new car perfume art. 

Emerge in an endless stream of commonly used design ideas for perfume bottle design as follows: (1) technological nature: with the development of science and technology, new processing techniques emerge one after another, designers constantly explore more colorful craft effects to attract consumers' attention. (2) Artistry: rich three-dimensional composition, infinite color transformation and individual texture make designers have unlimited creative space. On a small perfume bottle, every element of design is most incisive. (3) Uniqueness: with the help of manual glass blowing technology, every product has contingency and is a unique handicraft. Each bottle in a perfume is not exactly the same shape. This way can satisfy a small number of people in pursuit of the one and only psychological pursuit of individuality.

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