Crystal and stone decoration on zamac perfume caps

- Jan 06, 2020-

Some Niche perfume brands would like to decorate their zamac perfume caps with crystals or stones which makes the perfume packaging more luxury and upscale. 
We are offering service of attaching crystals or stones on the zamac perfume caps, zamac perfume case, solid perfume case etc.
With 8 years experience, we own professional team pasting crystals, stones on zamac perfume caps.
Brand crystals like Swarovski, or China made crystals are available, we can supply Swarovski crystals through the agent in China, If you would like to purchase China made crystals, we have 2 crystal factories which make stable and high quality crystals and stones, customized crystal is possible, crystal colors can be almost any pantone color, or polychrome colors. Some customer would like to supply us crystals and stones to us attaching on the zamac caps, this kind of working process is acceptable.

Crystals zamac perfume cap

Crystals on zamac perfume cappasting crystals on zamacCrystals on metal

Besides nice look of crystals, consumers are also concerned about safty and environmental protection.
Please rest assured that the China made crystals are very low in lead content, they are in full compliance with international standards, the European Union standards, and American standards. Below you can see the test results of the China made crystals we supply:

Crystal test result

The glue used for pasting crystals and stones are international brand glue, which can pass high and low temperature test, crystals will be attached firmly to the zinc alloy and will not fall off at all.

If you want to make bespoke zamac perfume caps or would like to put crystals on zamac perfume caps, please contact Leaders, we can solve your creative perfume packaging.