Cute perfume packagings

- Jan 15, 2020-

When you look at the bottle of Valentina Pink, you don't have to consider what perfume is in it. Rose colored boxes and bottles not only represent sexy, romantic roses, but also rebellious strawberries: two radical feminine notes on what makes Valentina pink. Valentino designers want to convey the brand's romantic love for Valentina pink. The box is luxurious with linen decoration.


There are no pink, rhinestone or silk bows, but the package made by this statement is just as beautiful. The fresh and joyful fragrance is placed in a crisp quilted blue box, matched with multiple bottles, and decorated with a soft yellow hat symbolizing brilliance. L'Eau Bleue is the first perfume of the powerful brand Miu Miu Eau de Parfum, and has a blue transparent bottle with the same logo.