Classification standard of die casting die industry

- Jan 07, 2020-

There are many patterns of die-casting mould and other moulds. Generally, the die-casting company will classify them according to the mould structure, material and nature of work.

1. Classification from die casting process

The requirements of each die casting are different, so different die casting processes will be adopted.

This treatment can not only improve production efficiency, but also reduce production costs.

2. According to process combination

From the perspective of the current die-casting process, the degree that the die-casting can't be delivered without demoulding can't be achieved. It also needs a variety of processing before it can be delivered to customers. The arrangement of the die-casting process and the processing process is different with different customer needs.

3. Classification by different processing methods

At present, there are many kinds of processing technologies, such as removing burr and burr. It can be divided into chemical method and physical method. There are many different chemical reagents in chemical method. There are also many different machines and devices for physical methods.

All kinds of processing methods are particularly effective for one aspect, but they can not completely dominate this processing technology. Obviously, it is very important to select the appropriate processing technology when the processing quality is certain.