Classic perfume with lovely perfume packaging

- Feb 17, 2020-

Coach floral is originated from the flower fragrance of the classic tea rose. The glass bottle shaped like an egg is decorated with the leather pendant shaped like a tea rose. In addition, coach's carriage logo is presented on the glass bottle in the form of relief, which is full of coach's iconic features.


The l'eau ROS é e Eau De Toilette of miumiumiu contains the soft floral fragrance of lily of the valley and blackcurrant bud, together with the elegant musk tone, full of tenderness and fresh vitality. The fragrance bottle retains the most classic matelass é lambskin quilted leather design of Miu Miu. The transparent bottle body has a light rose fragrance, with a simple Beige round bottle cap; the bottleneck adopts elegant and handsome navy blue.