China perfume:perfume packaging design with China characteristics

- Apr 13, 2020-

The brand Uttori five, which was born in 2017, is already famous in the perfume circle. It is good at expressing images related to China's plants, and has introduced such perfume as Michelia, orchid, Chimonanthus praecox and pine and cypress.

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Perfume has only entered China for decades, though Chinese people who use perfume are still few. But with the increase of per capita disposable consumption power and the complexity of their tastes, the perfume fragrance market has gained a high growth rate in recent years. The annual sales of China's perfume are between 300 and 50 billion yuan, according to the commentator of the small perfume awards and the commentator of song yuan.

The price is located in the middle end of the five duo, born out of the 10 years of the small boutique perfume fragrance floating hall. "The five flower is the floating fragrant hall which is hoped to be more commercial and born." Li Le said that he believed that Chinese perfume must enter a new stage with the rise of the national tide. "Whether it is the flavor or the product concept, China's perfume needs originality more than the imitation of western perfume, so that China can get out of a road of its own."

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In the future, more and more local brands will focus on creation and brand aesthetics. Song Yuan is optimistic about China's small perfume consumption, and is optimistic about the knowledge and aesthetic taste of the new generation of consumers.