Charming perfume packagings

- Jan 15, 2020-

What Marc Jacobs decadence did not expect was woodiness and sensibility, with the intention of "embodying uninhibited charm". It's packaged to convey the look of a real Marc Jacobs handbag, a tiny box different from the designer's iconic bag.

This bottle itself is inspired by the same style Marc Jacobs handbag. Functional design brings new meaning to perfume in your bag. Through the dark green Python print, make the magnetic bottle cap open, like a real wallet open, while the gold chain makes carrying fun. Its decadence is accomplished by a bold black and gold tassel hanging on the chain.


YSL mon Paris is inspired by the strong atmosphere of love, from top to bottom in the classic tone of Paris. Light pink and black design finish with bold black signature logo for a stylish house.

The glass glass with many sides perfectly shows the light pink liquid. However, the focus of this beautiful package is undoubtedly the top-level cockle on the bottle. Designer Catherine krunas said she copied lavalli è res's archival sketches.