Characteristics of perfume packaging design

- Feb 24, 2020-

Perfume packaging will directly affect the sales of perfume, so some large perfume companies have set up special design departments, employing top perfume bottle designers. The first and most important step in the development of perfume is to have an attractive perfume bottle and exquisite perfume packaging design.

The fragrance and taste in the air can't be left by packaging, but good design will make people feel the taste in the air. The shape, color, structure, character and auxiliary image design of perfume packaging can impress the viewer's sense of smell, and seem to recognize the smell of perfume in the air. Good perfume should be unusual, ungrotesque, and strong personality. It can be remembered and has vitality and strength. The full-bodied aroma is gradually emitted. It will not interrupt, spread, have lasting power, keep the aroma stable, and the atmosphere will linger. At the same time, there must be a unique perfume bottle and perfume packaging, forming an organic unity, giving people a sense of nobility and elegance.

People in the East and West feel different in their taste for perfume. More women in the West love strong, hot fragrance, soak their hearts and hearts, and make people feel gorgeous. The Oriental women like fresh and elegant fragrance, which is easy to trace, free and charming. The fragrance like nothing makes people feel relaxed, natural and comfortable. Two styles of perfume, each charming charm, can be expressed through the form of color, shape and other forms of packaging. Women are not the only customers of perfume. In foreign countries, men's perfume occupies the position of 2/5, so we can not ignore the market of men's perfume. Because of the traditional definition of men and women, the use of perfume has also been distinguished by customs. Men and women also have different tastes for perfume. Men's perfume is lighter than female perfume and does not show traces. The packaging of men's and women's perfume is also very different, which can be discerned from outer package, shape and color.

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