CHANEL will launch a fragrance pen in 2020

- Jan 10, 2020-

Recently, according to the fashion commercial network, CHANEL Chanel's classic perfume series Chance will launch a fragrance pens in 2020 to attract consumers through a new fragrance gesture. Chance series perfume was launched by Chanel in 2002. It takes the fragrance of fresh flowers as the keynote. It fully demonstrates the energetic and brave determination of women in the times, especially for young women who are young and courageous, trying to imagine, passionate, wild and slim.

The packaging design of the fragrant pens is mainly based on the simple and fresh Ma Caron color. The pink box contains four different colors of fragrance pens, representing the fragrance of different fragrances: the classic encounter perfume series (Jasmine, pink pepper and lake Patchouli), the soft and delicate perfume series (Jasmine and Rose), and the fresh perfume series (Jasmine, citrus). Teak and encounters vigor Eau De Toilette (Jasmine, grapefruit and blood orange).

This time, Chanel's innovative fragrance has changed the traditional spray perfume and liquid perfume form. Actually, it is the appearance of making solid paste into crayons. Its retractable solid fragrance core can be directly applied to the skin, so that it can be conveniently carried and carried in the handbag.

It is reported that these four colors and fragrances, like the "prototype" perfume, are sold in a box. Consumers can choose the appropriate fragrance pen according to their mood changes, and can also fold to create their own unique fragrance. At the same time, the choice of the packaging material of the fragrance pen also avoids the risk of the rupture of the portable glass bottle.

It is reported that encounter fragrance pen will be officially launched on January 9, 2020, selling for 75 euros (about 586 yuan)

In addition, Chanel, keen to create "an unprecedented fragrance experience", is about to launch its hair oil with the same aroma as encountering tender perfume. This hair oil not only has a variety of floral and fruity fragrance, but also uses a mixture of jojoba oil and sunflower oil, which can effectively repair the damage caused by drying and pressure of hair, and can also be used for hair maintenance or styling after shower. It is understood that encounter hair oil specification is 35ml, the price is 6500 yen (about 416 yuan), will be listed on January 3, 2020.