Car perfume for perfume packaging

- Dec 16, 2019-

When choosing any product, we all know that the quality must be in the first place. So when we choose to buy perfume, how should we judge his quality? Specifically, there are the following ways:

1, judging from the smell of a good car perfume quality, a good car perfume is generally mild, even strong, it will not have a pungent feeling, it is very comfortable to smell.

2, high quality car perfume is pure fragrance and can be maintained for a period of time. The longer the perfume, the better the quality of the car perfume. (after the purchase, you can try a little bit in the vein, pay attention to its flavor change and fragrance retention time). The fragrance time of the perfume is generally 2-4 hours, and the perfume should be over 4 hours.

3, good car perfume fragrance is divided into several levels, pre -, middle and post tones.

4, healthy, good car perfume should be harmless to the human body, environmental protection and no pollution.