Box design of perfume packaging

- Feb 10, 2020-

How important is packaging to perfume? From a practical point of view, the bottle is responsible for carrying the mind and concentrated fragrance of the perfumer, and delivering it to all parts of the world; at the sales level, the bottle is also responsible for communicating with customers.

The shape, material and size of the package convey different messages to the customers. Among the elements that can be seen by the naked eye, "color" is particularly important. Color can give people many associations, for example, when you see yellow, you will think of fruits such as bananas, lemons and mangoes; when you see blue, you will see images such as the ocean and sky; when you see red, you will think of images such as roses or flames. Color will give people different feelings, such as red for enthusiasm, blue for cold, purple for noble and so on.

Although it's impossible to know whether everyone will have the same feeling or imagination in the face of color, and our cognition will be different according to age, experience and culture, we can still know the meaning of color in mainstream cognition. This theory is also applicable to perfume packaging boxes.