Beauty customization for perfume packaging

- Jan 09, 2020-

Age, geographical environment and race will affect everyone's demand and use effect. Even people of the same age and region have different skin types and preferences. Theoretically, everyone should be given a unique product.

In the past, it was unrealistic, but now, the progress of science and technology has given its imagination space. Strong financial groups are concentrating on technology, arming themselves with black technology, such as Shiseido's custom skin care brand "optune", Johnson's Neutrogena's six weft muscle beauty 3D print mask, and Emory Pacific's ianno Bi 2 generation 3D custom mask.

Another part of brands use AI as a weapon to capture a large number of data such as consumer comments on products, raw material ingredients and effects of technical literature through machine learning + patent algorithm, trying to give more scientific development guidance and provide more personalized products.

Such as customized hair care brand Function of Beauty, customized skin care brand Proven Skincare, custom hair care brand Prose, custom perfume brand Whiff and so on are all the best in the custom industry. The domestic custom skin care brand has to mention a UNISKIN, allowing consumers to collect skin data at home and achieve the diagnosis of skin, so as to achieve "skin customization".