Attractive perfume packagings

- Jan 15, 2020-

The brand of Lanc umela vie EST Belle features the iconic "crystal smile" created in 1949 by Georges delhomme, artistic director of Lanc ume. This has a new meaning with La Vie EST Belle! This version took a year and 23 master glass blowers to test to achieve a round graphic design. La Vie EST Belle also completed a gray tissue ribbon, symbolizing the wings of freedom. The exquisite gift box echoes the luxurious feeling of the bottle itself and the bright pink pattern.


Lanvin launched the clatd'Arp clatd'Arp Ge, trying to introduce its unique perfume to the younger generation, so it's not surprising that packaging is the classic packaging in history. The bottle's spherical purple design is printed with the classic Arp Ge perfume's golden mother and children's badge, but uses a lavender background instead of the original black.

But what's special about it is its unique transparent box, which makes the bottle fully displayed. Alver elbaz, creative director of Lanvin, designed the unique packaging.