Asexual perfume is a new trend for perfume industry

- Nov 29, 2019-

Perfume has been classified by sex for decades. But as consumers' beliefs and attitudes become more and more changeable, the perfume industry reflects the change of mentality both in terms of the whole and gender.

According to Ou international, high-end perfume for men and women is the strongest growth category in 2018. Global sales increased by 7.5% to 2 billion 400 million US dollars. Some individual retailers have seen more robust growth figures: for example, Liberty London (London) statistics show that the sales of perfume for men and women increased by 40%.

So what does this mean for the future of the perfume industry? Mona Maine de Biran, co-founder and President of perfume brand Kierin NYC, said: "gender scent is not as reasonable as providing different menus for men and women in restaurants. Societies that have equality and respect for personal values will see more fragrances that are commonly used by men and women in the future.

In the future, more brands will adopt this kind of unisex way. Looking forward to the future, the new gender trend will affect every aspect of the perfume industry. These changes will bring more innovative value to the concept and product definition of perfume products, and may even bring about new forms.