Aromatherapy candles not only need to be bought, but also burned.

- Sep 10, 2019-

1. First burning is very important!

If you want an aromatherapy candle to burn well, the first time you burn it, you must wait for the candle on the surface to melt into a flat wax pond before extinguishing it!

In an interview with Popsugar, Tim Rossi of Nest, an American fragrance brand, said that wax has memories. If you don't wait for the complete pool to be burned for the first time, the candle will be extinguished. Every time you burn it to the first extinction, it won't burn out again. Over time, it will form a deep hole.

However, as long as the first time a complete wax tank is burned, you can be wayward later, because your candle has remembered where the burning edge is.

2. Trim the wick before each burn.

Eduardo Valadez of Diptyque, a French fragrance brand, suggests trimming the wick before lighting each candle, leaving a length of about 5 mm.

If the wick is too long, the candle will consume quickly. A trim can make the candle last longer. Moreover, if it is not pruned, it is easy to have black smoke, and the wall of the candle cup is easy to be fumigated.

But why do you recommend pruning before burning, rather than after each burning? If the candle is not fully solidified when you prune the wick, it will be tragic once the carbon head accumulated at the top of the wick falls into the wax tank. Don't ask me why I know so clearly? Saying too much is a tear.

3. Let professional tools do professional things

When you enter an aromatherapy candle pit, you need at least three professional tools: a candle extinguisher, an igniter and a wick shear.

4. Candle extinguisher

Common candle extinguishers are candle bells and candle hooks. But Nest's Tim Rossi does not recommend that you choose the candle hook, which is used to press the candle wick into the candle pool to extinguish it, so that the carbon head at the top of the candle wick can easily fall into the candle pool.