Aromatherapy candles are green health products

- Sep 18, 2019-

Candles are made of candles or other fuels with wicks that can burn continuously after ignition. Nowadays, besides the function of ignition and lighting, it is also an indispensable element to embellish life. The difference between aromatherapy candles and traditional candles is that they are made of different materials and processes. In fact, it is not very accurate to add aromatherapy essential oil to traditional candle technology. Generally speaking, adding essential oil can not achieve the effect of aromatherapy very well and the service life is short. To achieve this aromatherapy effect, each manufacturer has its own production process. Even improved technology produces long-lived aromatherapy candles.

The main component of aromatherapy candles is paraffin, which is easy to melt, and its density is less than that of water insoluble. When heated, it melts into liquid state. It is colorless, transparent, slightly heated and volatile. It can smell the peculiar odor of paraffin wax. When cooled, it solidifies into a white solid with a slight odor. Through the sense of smell, the curl of candles can relax the spirit. In addition, it can purify the air, remove bacteria in the air, and also become a catalyst for the interest of life. Aromatherapy candles have been popular in foreign countries for many years, and are still rolling up a new upsurge.