Application of cosmetic packaging materials

- Mar 02, 2020-

Due to the wide variety and different characteristics of cosmetics, the packaging materials include glass, plastic, metal, composite plastic, etc., as shown in Figure 2. Among them, glass is mainly used in perfume, skin care products and other products. Plastic is widely used in cosmetics because of its low fragmentation, low price and durability. It has become the most widely used in cosmetics packaging.

With the rapid development of economy, people's living standard and consumption ability are increasing. Cosmetics, as a fashion consumer goods, have gradually become the mainstream products in people's lives, which has been rapidly developed driven by consumption upgrading. In order to meet people's demand for beauty, there are many kinds and functions of cosmetics. Most products are mainly in the form of emulsion and liquid, and packaging containers are needed as carriers to carry cosmetics.

At the same time, because cosmetics do not have a distinctive appearance, it is necessary to display and publicize products through packaging, so as to realize the sales of products. In order to better protect and publicize all kinds of cosmetics, we will adopt exquisite and unique appearance design to attract consumers to buy in the selection of containment container materials and form design according to the characteristics of products.

With the rapid growth of the cosmetics industry, the types and functions of cosmetics are also developing rapidly. In order to better protect the products, new demands for cosmetics packaging are also put forward. Packaging materials and products are required to have functions such as highlighting the performance of cosmetics, convenient use and portability. Therefore, this paper aims at the demand of cosmetic packaging, through the summary and analysis of the application of existing cosmetic packaging materials, to explore the development trend of cosmetic packaging materials, so that cosmetic packaging can better meet the demand of cosmetic application.

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