Advantages of transparent plastic bottle

- Dec 18, 2019-

Before 2007, plastic bottles for perfume packaging were hit to the bottom by glass bottles for perfume packaging. But in 2007, plastic bottles began to recover, and began to develop more widely. They were involved in every industry, and kept innovating, with new materials, technologies and packaging. They gradually began to be recognized by many people and supported by the government. They began to be rich in varieties and diversified at the same time.

It can be made transparent, opaque and translucent according to the material and technology, which can be determined according to the customers' wishes and products; what are the advantages of transparent plastic bottles?

1. You can see the contents directly.

2. The color control can be filled and determined by the product color according to your own idea.

3. Transparent without too many complex patterns, more beautiful.

4. Less light absorption, harder aging and good durability.

5. Light weight, good transportation; not suitable for crushing.

6. Good sealing.

Its advantages are better than those of opaque plastic bottles. Most of its processing technology is through injection molding. The material and shape of PET plastic bottles can be determined according to their own wishes. With good packaging design, it is believed that it can highlight its own personality on the shelf.