2020 perfume packaging design style trend

- Jan 10, 2020-

The purpose of product packaging design is to reflect the positioning and value of commodities. When purchasing products, whether the product packaging design can reflect their own taste and aesthetics determines the possibility of purchasing. Perfume, as a fashion product, especially the perfume which is defined by the world perfume France, is a fashionable romantic taste and conveys a simple and free life style.

When designing perfume packaging, designers must follow three principles: product packaging design should embody perfume quality, reflect brand characteristics, and attract consumers with unique and outstanding features.

In addition, packaging positioning and consumer positioning, perfume mainly men's perfume and women's perfume, usually perfume brand price is generally higher, for the brand high-end perfume, but the market also needs some low price products, its packaging design determines their first impression of their style and taste. For example, Victoce Vitoria classic perfume packaging design, the entire packaging design combined with the color of lavender products in the color mix, forming a unique style, impressive.

Perfume as a high quality life symbol, the packaging material of products is also very exquisite, especially the perfume bottle shape design is particularly important, we need to consider the following four aspects: suitable for the characteristics of commodity use, adapt to the use of the environment, aesthetic considerations, operation and use of hints and guidance. Perfume bottle is a three-dimensional container, so perfume packaging designers in perfume bottle cap, bottle body, each part of the base make a big fuss, using the details of the product characteristics, the mainstream perfume brands are mainly Dior, Versace, Chanel, Burberry, Gu Chi and so on.