We offer 3D drawing, prototype, mockup. If you have designs, please send us for checking, files in STEP, IGES, STL, OBJ, PDF, AI, JPG, PNG is available.
Creating precise moulds to ensure stability of prducts' quality2(001)
3(001)Making range boards to show colors and defects which is acceptable or unacceptable, for customer to check and signed. Quality will be strictly controlled within range boards.
Our die casting machines of 88T, 138T, and 168T to manufacture high quality zamac bottle caps.4(001)
5(001)The injection machines we own are 120T, 148T, 160T, 208T to produce high quality perfume caps, perfume bottle parts.
Certain caps, stoppers, candle caps or bottle decorations parts require CNC lathes because of structural requirements.6(001)
7(001)Leaders has 8 hand polishing machines, 3 auto polishing machines.
Electroplating, painting, electrophoresis and vacuum plating are available.8
201910091425386513952(001)Every product will be inspected in line with our strict quality control system.
Tailor-made packing for your products.Pack each product well on blister trays, paper trays or cover by protective films.10
Shipping(001)Cartons will be stacked on pallets and wrapped in wrapping film to ensure safe arrival of products.